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 I hope that freshman and sophomore of the Faculty of Science refer my home page to select the chemistry program in junior. I also hope that the home page helps high school students to study chemistry in universities.
 The goal of science is to elucidate the principle of several phenomena in nature. The principle in organic chemistry is nature and structure of naturally occurring products, and the mechanism for the formation of those compounds. The objective of the organic chemistry is to solve the principle. However, the organic chemistry is not only to elucidate the principle but also to create organic molecules and devise the synthetic methodology. A series of theory and synthetic scheme, experiment, observation, discovery, and verification is a basic procedure in organic chemistry.   Although students may be difficult to understand the home page because of using special and technical terms in organic chemistry, please feel that “This is organic chemistry” and our research group is leading one of the current topics in organic chemistry at Kumamoto University, JAPAN.
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